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Factory Wholesale Kraft Paper-Plastic Compound Bags

The paper poly woven bag is a special variant of the poly woven bag.  This bag is a paper and poly composite bag constructed from Kraft paper coated onto the poly woven fabric.  In harsher handling environments, the paper poly woven bag will stand out over your conventional paper bag due to its high strength, durability and tear resistance.  This bag will safely and securely contain your product for transportation and avoid the potential costs of product losses that come from breakages.  Being a denser bag with firm and flat surface similar to the multiwall paper bag, the paper poly woven bag can be used in the same multiwall paper bag packaging equipments to fully or semi automate your bagging lines.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Material: Kraft Paper / PP/ LDPE / PE /BOPP ( can be customized)
Use: Chemical material,Flour,Feed, Fertilizer, Rice, Seeds Packaging...
Packaging Details : 500pcs - 1000pcs/bale
MOQ: 10000 pcs
Place of Origin: WenZhou,ZheJiang,China
Brand Name: B.C. PACKAGING
Port: Ningbo Port
Storage conditions: In Shady Place
Weight Capacity : 10 KG - -50KG ( can be customized)
Width tolerance: ±10mm
Thickness: >=60g/sq.m
Width size: >=35cm
Length size: at buyers requests
Color: Maximum 4 colors (Single side)
Printing: one side or two sides at buyers requests
Bag Bottom:Block Bottom, Pasted, Stitch,Square bottom
Characteristic: Biodegradable, recyclable, eco-friendly,
leak proof, moisture proof, long storage.

Please note that the quantity of ±5% is also in tolerance.

Product Features Selection

1.Waterproof, moisture proof, High strength and heavy loading capacity.
2. Recyclable, economical
3. Nice beautiful full page printing



Our Advantage

1.Factory Outlet:More than 25 years of experience

2.Professional Equipment:High quality printing technology

3.Quality Control:Flat wire has good performance and strong bearing capacity

4.Complete In Specifications

5.Steady Delivery

6.Get Samples For Free


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