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25 kg Polyethylene Bags Manufacturer

  • Material: 100% Virgin PE/ BOPP ( can be customized)
  • Use: Fruit, Corn, Flour, Feed, Vegetables, Fertilizer, Rice, Seeds packaging...
  • Packaging Details: 500 pcs or 1000 pcs/bale
  • Weight Capacity: 5KG - -25KG ( can be customized)
  • Feature: Recyclable
  • MOQ: 10000 pcs
  • Place of Origin: WenZhou, ZheJiang,China
  • Brand Name: B.C. PACKAGING
  • Port: Ningbo Port
  • Storage conditions: In Shady Place
  • Width tolerance: ±5 mm
  • Thickness Range: 0.13-0.25 mm
  • Printing Colors: 1-9 colors
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Heavy-duty polyethylene bags are designed for long distance shipping, as a part of industrial packaging sector, used to transport bulky materials or great amounts of materials from one place to another.

    Heavy duty plastic bags are constructed using strong polyethylene films which are designed to serve as holding for activated carbon, fertilizer, chemicals, resins, animal feed, ice melt, dog food, herbicide and other products.

    Customized Options of 25 kg PE Plastic Bag

    1.Anti slip strip
    With our special embossing process, two prominent anti-slip strips can be added on the polyethylene bag's surface to increase friction so that bags can stack more steadily as well as saving storage space during transportation.

    2.The Air Valve
    The air valve can play the role of one-way exhaust. The gas in the PE plastic bag can not enter while the gas in the bag is exhausted. It is suitable for some products such as organic fertilizers which are easy to ferment to produce gas and easily react with the outside air.

    3.The Micro Perforation
    The micro perforation increases the oxygen permeability of the poly PE bag, and the air is discharged in both directions. It is suitable for products that require exhaust gas such as polyacrylamide

    Our Advantage

    1.Factory Outlet:More than 25 years of experience

    2.Professional Equipment:High quality printing technology

    3.Quality Control:Flat wire has good performance and strong bearing capacity

    4.Complete In Specifications

    5.Steady Delivery

    6.Get Samples For Free

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