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A huge amount of national packaging demand has spawned a difficult environmental protection challenge: recently, the country is strictly focusing on environmental protection, carton price has risen a lot, many customers who have carton demand in the past want to find alternative packaging, why do they turn to woven bags?

1. The availability of woven bags is large. After the first use, it can be recycled and processed into recycled material and then added to a new batch of production, which can be made into ordinary woven bags such as cement bags. (Rice woven bags must be made of new material that can be used once.)

2. Woven bags belong to lightweight packaging (low unit price, easy to handle, portable).

A customer once said to me, a carton is more expensive than a woven bag , the cost of PP bag is really a lot of savings!

Considerations for choosing woven bags

Woven bag is convenient to use, and environmental protection, the selection of woven bag can reduce the cost of transport, but when we choose, we should pay attention to some matters.

There is different thickness of woven bags, so when we choosing,we should pay attention to the weight and category of their own items to choose the right woven bag. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the firmness of the edge sealing and the viscosity of the sealing glue, so as to prevent the defects caused by the exposure of goods during the transportation.

After buying woven bags, we should pay attention to the preservation.In the case of woven bags aging seriously and bearing capacity be greatly reduced,they should be placed in the shade, but not under the long-term exposure to the sun.

How does a woven bag decompose

Common “degradable woven bags” on the market, in reality, only starch is added to plastic raw materials. After landfill, because of the fermentation of starch and the differentiation of bacteria, woven bags can divide into fragments that are small or even invisible to the naked eye, and non-degradable public plastics pose risks to the earth.

The woven bag itself is not one of the foundation materials of soil and water. After it is forced into the soil, because of its own impermeability, it will affect the transfer of heat inside the soil and the development of microorganisms, so as to change the characteristics of the soil.

Woven bags in animal intestines and stomach can not digest, easy to lead to animal body damage and death.

At present, the best way is to recycle plastic woven bags to achieve the purpose of environmental protection


Post time: Jun-11-2022