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The following are the main factors affecting the quality of plastic woven bags:

(1) Preparation of raw materials

Raw material preparation plays a very important role in the manufacture of quality products.

Preparation of raw materials includes quality inspection of pellets, drying or preheating, and transportation. Quality inspection of granule: the quality certificate of the supplier shall be attached when the granule enters the factory. Test particle size and appearance, number of melt fingers and moisture content of aggregates (including masterbatches of various additives).

(2) formula

In the production of non-food plastic woven bags, enterprises generally use recycled materials and new materials mixed production of flat silk plastic woven bags, if the amount of recycled materials can be appropriate to reduce production costs for enterprises and can protect the environment

(3) width of flat wire

Refers to the width of the flat wire after uniaxial stretching, the width of the flat wire and the longitude and weft density of the plastic woven bag is closely related.

(4) thickness of flat wire

After the width of plastic flat wire is determined, its thickness becomes the main factor determining the unit area mass and flat wire density of plastic woven bag, thus determining the tensile load of plastic woven bag.

(5) Longitude and latitude density

Now most manufacturers do not set warp and weft density according to national standards and customer requirements, and customers mostly determine warp and weft density according to the use of requirements. Generally speaking, the requirement of bearing capacity, hard material should choose thick fabric fabric with large warp and weft density. Light, soft and soft materials can be used to choose the thin light fabric fabric with small warp and weft density. Therefore, the national standard of plastic woven bag proposed that the warp and weft density can be divided into 20 /100mm, 26 /100mm 32 /100mm, 36 /100mm, 40 /100mm,48 roots /100mm, different load choose different warp and weft density.

(6) Mass per unit area

Mass per unit area is an important technical index of plastic woven bag. It is closely related to the warp and weft density and the selected flat silk. In the case of flat wire in accordance with the requirements, the mass per unit area is too low will affect the tensile load, the load capacity decreases after bagging; Too high will increase the cost of bag making, uneconomical. In general the warp can satisfy the meridional quality under the premise of demand for flat wire can relax some, because of the influence by the mass per unit area of the wire is made up of many root flat wire, many by wire thickness deviation after an average of its impact on the quality of unit area tend to set data, also eliminates the single wire thickness deviation, the influence of the weft yarn in ordinary loom usually is determined by a wire, The deviation of this thread also determines all the weft deviation of the plastic woven bag in the region of this weft wire, so the selection of weft wire is more strict. Some manufacturers choose weft wire according to the quality of unit area, which can usually control the quality of unit area very well.


Post time: Jun-11-2022