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Square bottom valve pocket with valve port forms a square body after filling, especially easy to stand and stack. The sides of the bag can be printed, providing enough space to advertise the product information. The square bottom valve pocket has a unique exhaust mode: extremely fine micro hole or labyrinth exhaust device, especially suitable for filling powder products. There are many shapes of valve port (fringed edge valve port, extension valve port, hose valve port, etc.).

Square bottom valve pocket can be made of different grams of plastic or composite film production, filling through a valve mouth, the valve mouth can be automatically sealed after filling, avoid filling overflow.

Product category

Valve pockets can be divided into PP valve pockets, PE valve pockets, paper-plastic composite valve pockets, kraft paper valve pockets and multi-layer kraft paper valve pockets. PP valve pocket is made of polypropylene woven cloth , the general PP woven bag can improve the packaging efficiency; PE valve pocket is made of polyethylene woven cloth ; Paper-plastic composite valve pocket is made of plastic woven bag and paper; Kraft valve pocket material is mainly made of kraft paper, which is divided into imported kraft paper and domestic kraft paper .

Valve pocket can also be divided into: upper opening valve pocket, lower opening valve pocket, upper and lower opening valve pocket.


Valve pocket application

Valve pocket is mainly used for packaging food powder, chemical powder, chemical fertilizer, synthetic materials, food, salt, minerals and other powdery or granular solid materials and flexible articles. Especially suitable for export enterprises to use, can improve the packaging grade of products.

B.C Packaging introduction: In 2006, WenZhou Bai Chuan Plastic Industry limited company established, register capital five million, workshop 3000 square metre, the company already developed to register capital to amount to 32 million now, new workshop building area extended to the 20000 square metre. Production and business scope includes: plastic woven bag, paper plastic compound bag, valve pocket, etc.


Post time: Jun-11-2022