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How to become a more environmental friendly buyer?


Climate change could lead to soaring wheat prices and more financial inequality among farmers, a new economic study warns. Using a new climate-wheat-economic model, an international research team estimates that a 3.6-degree Fahrenheit increase in global warming would lead to higher wheat yields — and also higher prices.


As we all know, the problem of global warming is becoming more and more serious, in order to become a more environmentally friendly earth human, what can we do?


When purchasing woven bags:
1. We can make the bag thin, but to ensure the quality of the bag, it is the first premise that the bag will not break. In most cases, woven bags are generally used for one-time use. If the bag is too thick, in addition to increasing the cost, it is not environmentally friendly and increases the difficulty of plastic degradation. Making the plastic thinner can not only save costs, but also make a small contribution to protecting the environment.

2. Use recycled plastic pellets. Woven bags can be recycled and granulated after use, and then made into woven fabrics. Such packaging bags are widely used in packaging building materials powder, industrial products and other products.

3. Rice or fertilizer woven bags are made of top-grade raw materials, with strong tensile force and strong anti-aging properties, so they can be recycled many times, and can be used to package hardware, industrial products, etc.

Post time: Aug-20-2022