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1. The mechanical structure is in High firmness
Experiments have shown that the firmness of paste bottom bags made of different materials is 1-3 times higher than that of seamed bottom bags.

2. Low cost
(1) According to the calculation results of the specifications and surface area of ​​the paste bottom bag and the seam bottom bag, it is proved that because the bag structure of the paste bottom bag is reasonable, it is transformed after loading, while the seam bottom bag is pillow-shaped. Equally effective loading
In the case of volume, the utilization rate of the surface area is obviously better than that of the seam bottom bag, and the cut-off base fabric part of the valve seam bottom bag is saved, so that the utilization rate of the base fabric reaches 100%.
(2) Due to its good mechanical effect, it can reduce the basis weight and save raw materials.
(3) The weft density can be reduced to 32-40 pieces/100mm, thereby improving the efficiency of the circular loom, reducing the winding head of the wire drawing machine, and reducing equipment investment and energy consumption.
(4) It is convenient to realize automatic bag insertion.
The valve port design of the glue bottom bag is convenient to realize automatic bag insertion and automatic filling.

3. Good environmental performance
Due to the special valve port design of the valve pocket and special quantitative filling equipment, conditions are created for improving the working environment of packaging workers, especially the filling operation of powdery objects that are harmful to human health, such as cement, to protect the health of workers. Health and avoid occupational diseases.

In addition, the valve structure of the bottom paste bag is reasonable, and the bag can be completely closed automatically after the filling nozzle falls off under the action of bearing pressure, reducing losses. From the perspective of broken bags, according to various statistics, the breakage rate of seamed bottom bags during loading, unloading and transportation is about 6%, while that of pasted bottom bags is less than 2%, which not only reduces material loss, but also reduces the impact of dust on the environment. Pollution.

As a packaging product, environmental protection is relative. Absolutely eco-friendly is in bulk, naked, without packaging, or with natural plants. Such as sacks, paper. Industrialization process but also affects the environment. The material used in the packaging should be relatively single, rather than a packaging composed of multiple materials. In comparison, the two-in-one composite plastic woven fabric is more environmentally friendly than the paper-plastic composite material and can be recycled at one time. Also avoids sewing thread, PVC seals
and other materials. It is currently a relatively single package of materials.

4. Improve bag production efficiency
The bottom paste bag production line can complete a series of automated processing procedures such as tube making, bottom paste, and stacking at one time. The bottom-sewing bag production line can only complete the tube-making process. Usually, a tube-making machine needs to be matched with 6-12 sewing equipment.
run. The bottom bag gluing machine can improve the bag making efficiency and save a lot of labor at the same time. Reduce equipment footprint.

5. Improve stacking stability
The shape of the paste bottom bag is reasonable, and it is brick-shaped after loading, and the stacking stability is obviously better than that of the seam bottom bag, which avoids the phenomenon of sliding stacking, and can realize automatic stacking and pallet loading and unloading.

6. Make full use of warehousing capacity
Since the stacking of the paste bottom bags is neat and uniform, the utilization rate of the storage space is improved, and the containerized transportation is convenient.

7. Strong self-reliance
Because the bottom of the bag is rectangular, it is stable and not easy to spill when filling and unpacking.

8. Easy to identify
Because the bottom of the bag is attached with an additional bottom, it is easy to find and identify after the trademark is printed, and it has the function of decoration and advertising.

9. Packaging counterfeiting
The original function of packaging is to contain products, and gradually develop and expand the functions of packaging, such as aesthetics, moisture-proof and waterproof, vacuum-proof and mildew-proof, and anti-counterfeiting.


Post time: Jun-11-2022