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college students in China are more like

to use luggage woven bags for packing

from home to school ,

small grocery stores sell thousands of

orders per month


“Do you think it’s shameful to pack luggage with urea bags?”

In this year’s school season, college students who entered the campus one after another began to use woven bags to pack their luggage.

“We were forced to carry woven bags to pack luggage because we had no money at that time, and we felt embarrassed. I didn’t expect it to become fashionable in the eyes of the post-2000s generation,” said a post-80s netizen. “It’s too expensive to buy an oversized suitcase, because it contains few things, and you have to pack other packages. It’s really troublesome to pack large and small packages all the way. When you get to the bedroom, there is no room for the suitcase, so it’s more practical to buy two woven bags.” Xiaohui, who is about to go to university in Nanjing, said.

In many colleges and universities across the country, it has become a common scene for new students to go to school with woven bags in groups. The post-00s have proved with practical actions that, in the eyes of the new generation, the actual value of goods is far greater than other added values.

During the school season, the Zangquge department store in Zhengzhou sold thousands of woven bags a month through takeaways, which also led to an increase in the sales of other products.

Data from retail platform Meituan shows that with the start of the school season all over the country, the sales of luggage-related products on the platform have risen sharply since late August. Among them, the sales of woven bags increased by 128% from July and 231% from the same period last year.

Li Di, who was born in the 1990s, opened a department store called Zangquge in Zhengzhou. The school season is approaching, and woven bags have become the most popular item in his online store. In the past month, nearly 1,000 orders were sold through takeaway.

Li Di said that he had previously run an offline convenience store, which was closed due to rent pressure. In 2018, he moved to the remote corner where he is currently located, and provided daily necessities to surrounding customers through the online Meituan instant retail method. According to him, although the location of the offline store is remote, there are many schools in the surrounding area, and there are densely populated young groups.

“A ‘packaging artifact’ like a woven bag is urgently needed when it is needed, but it is not sold in general supermarkets. Customers place an order through a takeaway platform, and the rider can deliver it to their home in half an hour.” Li Di said, “There are still many such needs. During the school year, many students will buy clothes and quilts in woven bags, by the way, to see if there are other goods in the store. Woven bags have become a drainage tool, which has also led to the growth of sales of other products. “

On retail platforms such as Meituan, there are many stores like Li Di that place orders online and deliver them offline. A clerk of Shenyang Junzhigou convenience store said that during the school season, the store received more than 20 orders for woven bags every day, and the sales volume increased by at least 40% compared with usual.

The owner of Harbin Xinyinchangmai Supermarket said that the recent opening of the school has clearly felt that the orders for students to buy packing supplies have increased. The store sells more than 1,200 woven bags and luggage bags per month, more than double the usual amount. In addition, the school season also drives the sales of daily necessities such as washbasins, hangers, kettles, slippers, etc.


“Linyi is a big agricultural city, and there are a little more rural students. When we went to school, we used to carry chemical fertilizer bags to report. The fertilizer and wheat seeds can be packed in more than suitcases.” Chun Xia, Linyi City, Shandong Province The person in charge of Qiudong Convenience Supermarket said that now it is the turn of this batch of post-00s students to start school. He did not expect woven bags to be so popular. In the past month, more than 400 woven bags have been sold. “There are two phenomena that can be reflected from this matter. One is that college students do not compete with each other, and the other is that children have learned the habit of saving.” The person in charge said.

For these convenience stores, woven bags and other products are categories that would not have been purchased and sold before, but driven by the trend of instant retail delivery, various “unpopular” products have also become popular. “Basically, the inventory has been changing, and the store has become a small e-commerce platform. Basically, we sell what the surrounding users need,” said a store owner.

“There are two consumption trends in this year’s school season. First, consumers choose to return to practical value, and they will not buy too fancy products, but focus on practicality; I’m willing to wait too long.” The relevant person in charge of Meituan said that in recent years, with the improvement of national consumption level and the process of consumption upgrading, many industries have experienced dislocation of supply and demand, including ice cream, camping, stationery, etc. “Controversy, judging from the hot sale of woven bags at the beginning of the school year and the popularity of cheap ice cream and cheap stationery, affordable and practical is still the mainstream of market consumption.

Post time: Sep-17-2022