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Factory Customized Logo Printing Package Kraft Paper Square Bottom Valve Pocket Bag

  • Material: PP/ LDPE / BOPP / PE / Kraft Paper( can be customized)
  • Packaging Details: 500pcs or 1000pcs/bale
  • Weight Capacity : 20KG - -50KG (can be customized)
  • Feature: Recyclable,waterproof
  • MOQ: 10000 pcs
  • Place of Origin: WenZhou, ZheJiang, China
  • Brand Name: B.C. PACKAGING
  • Port: Ningbo Port
  • Storage conditions: In Shady Place
  • Width tolerance: ±10 mm
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Bag Top : Internal Valve , External Valve..
    Width : From 32cm to 60cm
    Length : From 40cm to 90cm

    Please note that the quantity of ±5% is also in tolerance.

    Multiwall paper bags are created to provide strong protection for many products. They usually consist of several layers such as 2 layers or 3 layers heavy-duty kraft extensible paper which gives this type of bag high elasticity and high tear resistance. It is a perfect choice for products requiring packaging with high demands for moisture proof and durability.

    B.C Packaging supplies a wide type of industrial multiwall paper bag, ranging from pinch bottom multiwall paper bags to pasted valve bags and sewn open mouth bags.


    Block Bottom Valve Bag is commonly used for the automatic packaging,  storage of cement, tile adhesive, livestock feed, animal feed, chemical material and many other dry bulk products.

    Valve Woven PP Bags are sacks which produced in order to facilitate the filling of the products into the bag and closing the bag after filling. It is ensured that the bags are automatically closed with the valve on the mouth of the bag after filling.

    Advantages of Square Bottom Valve Pockets

    1. The mechanical structure is reasonable,High firmness
    2. Low cost
    3. Good environmental performance
    4. Improve bag production efficiency
    5. Improve stacking stability
    6. Make full use of warehousing capacity
    7. Strong self-reliance
    8. Easy to identify
    Because the bottom of the bag is attached with an additional bottom, it is easy to find and identify after the trademark is printed, and it has the function of decoration and advertising.

    Our Advantage

    1.Factory Outlet:More than 25 years of experience

    2.Professional Equipment:High quality printing technology

    3.Quality Control:Flat wire has good performance and strong bearing capacity

    4.Complete In Specifications

    5.Steady Delivery

    6.Get Samples For Free


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